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About Us
Accredited by Cognia

The Ed Sage School is part of Education Sage, Inc. Education Sage, Inc. is a corporation that delivers Brain Based Learning Coaching and Academic Advising for students. It has been in business since 2006. Education Sage, Inc.  was founded by Beth Silver who continues to be the president of the corporation. For more information, click here or  visit our LinkedIn page.

The Ed Sage School has an innovative program that helps students overcome their learning issues, disabilities, and problems through regular classroom instruction. Students learn how to apply alternative strategies and techniques that work for them to help make them successful learners in the regular classroom environment. Beth Silver is the Head of School for the Ed Sage School.


The Ed Sage School grew out of a home school program that began in August of 2021 with two students in grade 7.

Meet Head of School


Beth Silver

The Education Sage


  • ​Founder and Head of School for Ed Sage School, Accredited by Cognia for grades K-12

  • Brain Based Coaching for ages 6 - adult       

  • Solutions for Parenting - coaching parents to help them cope with learning issues and and disabilities within the family and at school

  • Classroom instructor grades 2 - college

  • ​Director of Curriculum and Instruction at The Winston School Del Mar, California

  • ​Founding Principal of two private schools

  • Director of a religious school

  • ​Third Party Staff Development workshop presentations and classroom coaching for teachers


  • B.S. Elementary Education Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa Subject matter areas: Math, Science, History                       

  • M.S. Education Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa Area of Specialization: Curriculum for the Gifted Child, Concentration in areas of reading and writing skills     

  • Study at present: continuing to work with neurologists on behalf of  students to learn the individual's brain based needs for learning

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