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8th Graders Design Sports Theme Parks!

Ed Sage School’s eighth grade class is designing sports theme parks. Their designs include park events, food courts, stores, and unique ways to get around the parks. This is Brain Based Learning at its best.

Ed Sage School’s Head, Beth Silver, says this project crosses subject area lines. The individual creativity that is happening is phenomenal. The students learned how to make scale drawings. They have had to research all equipment that will be needed to run the park.

The end product for the students is to create a Power Point presentation that explains their parks. They also need to give a speech which convinces people why they should invest in their individual parks.

Ed Sage School is remote online but extremely interactive and lively. Students polish all their basic skills and learn to apply them. Their essay writing is excellent. Students receive direct individual instruction as well as class presentations.

Ed Sage School is now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year. For more information look online at or contact Head of School, Beth Silver at 310-720-0390 or

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