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ADHD Focusing

Staying focused is difficult for all students and especially those with ADHD. Most students have agendas or calendars that they use to write in their assignments. If they do not have one, just a spiral bound notebook will do and date each page.

Students should have their agendas out as soon as class starts. In addition to writing the assignment, ask your students to take notes about what goes on in class. This gives them an immediate job to do and an immediate focus as soon as class starts. This also prevents a lag time for students to tune into the teacher. Many students do not really hear the first few minutes of class and are lost when they do tune into what is being said or instructed.

At the end of the day, have your students review what went on in each class. This helps them remember what was presented, reminds them about details of assignments, and helps them know what to learn for upcoming tests.

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