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Build Skills and Student Confidence- Ed Sage School

Ed Sage School’s academic program builds student’s skills and creates independent, confident learners. Academic skill holes are plugged in the regular classroom through individual skill instruction in subjects using Brain Based Learning.

Reading comprehension skills are taught in all subject areas. Students are shown a process to get true understanding and comprehension on the first read of any material. The goal for each student in Ed Sage School is to get the reading comprehension level to two years above grade level. The students gain confidence and are prepared to handle all types of reading they are asked to do.

It is important to increase the level of the writing skills while working on reading comprehension. Ed Sage School students learn how to compose all forms of writing. The emphasis is on writing essays with thesis statements. Students have assignments in all subject areas that require writing.

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Have a struggling student? Get immediate help. Contact Head of School, Beth Silver at 310-720-0390 or

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