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Distance Learning and Organization

One of the most important pieces of distance learning is organization. It is important for the students’ work areas to be very organized.

What does this mean? A To-Do List Planner is needed. This can just be a spiral bound notebook, or the student can have an actual planner distributed by the school. The student should have this planner open to the date or a new page and write the date on the top. This should be ready before the student gets online for the day. Once online, the student should be writing all notes needed and assignments. Notes may be put into a spiral bound also with the date.

Students should be ready to listen when the session begins. This means that writing tools should be ready. All material that was being used and is not related to the lesson should be put away. The volume should be set so the student can clearly hear what is being said.

Electronic devices work on batteries. A good suggestion is that the students should keep laptops or computers plugged in as much as possible. All electronic devices should be on chargers once the student is finished for the day.

A parent should take the time to check to make sure all needed supplies are in the work area. Paper and pencils and pens seem to disappear quickly!!!!!!

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