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Dyslexia and Spelling

Dyslexic students have great difficulty with spelling. This stems from the fact that most dyslexic students do not hear the correct sounds in the spelling of a word. Most of the time, they mispronounce a word which complicates hearing the correct spelling.

One good approach is to give the correct spelling to dyslexic students. When these students are writing and they are not sure how to spell a word, the correct spelling should be given to them. They should learn to correct misspelled words with help. The help needs to be that they should have the correct spelling in front of them.

When a dyslexic student “learns” in his/her own brain how to spell a word incorrectly, that is what remains in memory – the incorrect spelling. Getting a student to remove an incorrect spelling, and put the correct spelling into memory takes time and is difficult.

Dyslexic Evaluations are available immediately and are done remotely. Contact Beth Silver to find out if your student has dyslexia. Contact Beth at 310-720-0390 or

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