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My Teacher Doesn’t Like Me!

When a child says to a parent that the teacher does not like the child, the parent has a tough choice. It is important to remember that this is the student’s perception. What to do?

Make contact with the teacher and find out exactly how the student is doing in that class or other classes. It is important to find out if what the teacher is requiring of the student is something that the student truly understands. Frequently the communication between teachers and students is not clear. Help the student understand what the teacher wants in terms of the student’s behavior and performance.

The student may be sensing a teacher who is negative and works harshly with students. If this is the situation, then it is best to try and resolve it at the administration level of the school. Work with the principal or counselor to see how to resolve the issue(s).

Help the student at home by giving the student coping skills to use in the classroom. These are probably the same skills that a student uses with a parent when the parent is angry and upset with the student.

Do not let the situation continue indefinitely. Students exposed to negative learning environments generally become procrastinators and find excuses to escape from the work. That means then students are not learning. That is not a good outcome.

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