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Parents and Distance Learning

Parents can be a good help for their students in distance learning. Here are some important tips.

  1. Make sure the internet connection is working well. Look at the bandwidth you have for your house. Can it accommodate all the people who will be using devices at the same time? Look at the speed.

  2. Make sure all the devices being used by your student are properly charged.

  3. Make sure your student can clearly tell you what was done in class and what the assignments are that were given.

  4. Make sure the lighting helps your student’s eyes. Some students have found it easier to stay on the computer for many hours using a blue tinted pair of glasses.

  5. Make sure your student is on time to sign in for each class.

  6. Make sure all the apps your student needs are on the device being used to login for classes.

One of the most difficult things is your student getting the assignments – clearly. Next is being sure the assignments are turned in on time. The parent should be vigilant about this.

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