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Students Need Organized Work Space at Home

How organized is your student’s work space at home? Does your student keep it clean and organized? This is important for all students but especially those with ADHD. Sitting down to work in a clean, organized space helps a student get focused more quickly and then stay on task longer.

In the work space there should be places for: textbooks, binders, pencils, pens, erasers, binder paper, blank paper, graph paper, highlighters, and a spot for water to drink while working.

If your student is working on a laptop computer, have it plugged in and charging while the student is working. This is true for iPads, too. Many calculators are light driven, but, if not, make sure the calculator is charging while working. This makes it easier to have the equipment ready for school in the morning if the charging happens during homework/study time.

What about a work surface and a chair? Is your student comfortable while working? Take a look at the size of the work surface and chair- does it fit your growing student?

Have a disorganized student? Get immediate help. Contact Beth Silver at 310-720-0390 or

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