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These students were helped with Brain Based Coaching used in Ed Sage School classes.

Success Stories


"We had just about given up on our son with regard to school. Our constant battles over grades, missing assignments, and complete lack of effort were ruining our relationship with him. His teachers at public school told us he was years behind in reading comprehension and writing. Then a good friend recommended Beth Silver and the Ed Sage School. I hate to admit that I doubted Beth’s ability to turn things around – but she far exceeded our expectations. Fast forward one semester. Our son is getting his assignments turned in with zero involvement on our part. He is excelling in math, reading at two to three grades above his level, and writing papers with confidence and skill. Beth changed his (and our) lives. We will be forever grateful.


Don’t doubt her. If she says she can help your child – she can and will."

~Cindy and Kalani V., Parents of an 8th grader

"Our family’s experience in working with Beth and Ed Sage School has been life changing. After years of struggling in school and falling behind, Beth was able to identify our sons’ learning difficulties and create a step-by-step approach to teaching them all of the skills they were lacking. Beth recognizes that each student has a unique learning style and was able to implement tools and strategies to help them learn in a more efficient way. I know that they will utilize these tools to continue learning throughout their lives. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Beth. She believed in my students and expected excellence of them.  In turn, they have finally realized that they are intelligent, capable and can achieve anything they set their minds to.


Beth cares about her students and their success and has helped my sons become the great students I always knew they could be."

~ Jennifer R., Mother of twin sons

"As parents, one of the most challenging situations my wife and I have faced was the search to find partners who could support and empower our son to thrive in life and academics despite his unique learning needs. In Beth, Head of Ed Sage School, we found someone who cares deeply about the mission to build bridges between her students and a wonderful world of knowledge that they many times have deep challenges being able to access due to their unique needs. At the Ed Sage School, our son has undergone a complete transformation. He went from being someone who lacked confidence to learn into someone who is beaming with confidence and who is thriving in his approach to learning and life. We feel incredibly lucky to have found Beth and Ed Sage School. She opened the academic road ahead for our son and did it in a way that has him beaming with excitement to challenge himself, learn deeply,  and become the best he can be both in the classroom and in life.


And as parents trying to figure out how to best help our son move forward, we could not have asked for more in a partner and friend. Thank you, Beth."

~ Sara and Tom G., Parents of an 8th grader

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