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Extending Human Potential

Ed Sage School helps students extend their human potential by using Brain Based Learning which us based on Brain Based Educational Research. Students learn how their individual brains work. This helps them put information into memory that can be easily retrieved when needed — either for building on concepts or for answering questions on a test. 

Individual Student Action Plans are created for each Ed Sage Student. The Student Action Plan is based: educational testing results, an academic history, and diagnoses of learning issues. Included are the steps needed to help the individual student extend human learning potential with specific modalities and techniques that work best for their individual brains. These modalities and techniques are used in the classroom by teachers and students and at home by the students and their parents. The Student Action Plan is reviewed at the beginning of the school year and at the end of each trimester during the year to make sure the informations accurate and timely. 

More Action Plan Information: 

  • Cognitive and Skill Level Testing Results: 
    The Woodcock Johnson Cognitive Test and the Achievement Tests give excellent information to teachers. The results show where the strengths and weaknesses are in learning for the brain. The Achievement Tests show where the student is achieving academically – both from a percentage of population view and grade level equivalent mark.

  • Individual Learning Styles:
    Ed Sage School uses the learning categories of auditory, visual/spatial, and kinesthetic. It also identifies pathways to memory by knowing is a student is a parts to whole or whole to parts learner. This information helps teachers give students the learning hints, techniques, and strategies which will work for their learning styles.

  • Executive Functioning Skills for organization and learning:
    Organization is key for all learning. Students are shown how to organize, listen, and work to increase all their Executive Functioning Skills.

  • Individual Brain Based Instruction to compensate for learning issues or disabilities:
    Understanding how the individual’s brain works and matching the pathways to learning with the student’s brain are the base of all instruction. The objective is to help the student compensate for learning issues or disabilities to become a successful student.


The individual student's academic success and emotional well being are the main goals of Ed Sage School.

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