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Ed Sage School Wisdom

All instruction should be powered by Brain-Based Learning. It is vital to approach the individual brain in a way that produces cooperation and learning.

Brain-Based Learning Principles include:

  • Each brain is totally unique.

  • Stress and threat impact the brain in many ways. These produce negative emotions.

  • Emotions run the brain. Emotions are the key to memory, meaning, and attention.

  • Feeding the brain is important. Brains are stimulated by challenge, novelty, and feedback in learning environments.

Brain-Based Teaching Results:

  • It enhances students’ self-belief.

  • It enables students working alone or enjoying learning relationships with others and they feel competent to achieve their own learning.

  • It helps engage students in all that is happening.

  • It creates learning that is active, collaborative, and builds learning relationships.

  • It creates experiences for students that are challenging and enriching and that extend their academic abilities.

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